Early Years - COURSE Detail

Safeguarding for children



Category:           Early Years/Education

Start on:            TBC

Classes:              1 Session

Duration:           2 Hours

Class Size:         20 Persons or Staff Teams

Time:                  TBC

This workshop is designed to raise awareness of 'safeguarding children' for new staff members or as part of the legal requirement for staff working with children, to access annual mandatory training. The workshop is interactive and offers lots of time for discussion, and for attendees to ask questions and network as well as sharing good practice, with other professionals from the same sector.


If this workshop is delivered to a full Staff Team the fee is negotiable.

Location:           TBC

What You Learn

The workshop will run over 2 hours , accommodating full staff teams or individuals accessing group training sessions. The timing of the course is flexible, and includes daytime, evenings or twilight sessions.  The workshop includes the following:

* What is 'safeguarding'? *  The adult role *  Signs and symptomsDisclosure *  Recording and reporting *  Self-care

Email : info@eqiupandbuild.co.uk