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living with loss



Category: Mental Health

Start on: 01 - 02 - 2019

Classes: 4 Sessions

Duration: 8 Hours

Class Size: 30 Persons

Time: 6:25pm - 8:30pm

Have you or a family member experienced loss? The loss can be bereavement, loss of a relationship, health, a role that they loved, mental capacity, independence ...the list is endless.


Does this loss impact upon, mental health, capacity to carry out simple activities, or just to enjoy life?


This course is designed to help you to look after yourself, and others, more It will help you, to understand what grief is and how it can impact us, and people around us. In addition, we will look at activities you can begin to use to help you feel more positive and look ahead to the future with hope.

Location: Valley Centre, PR5 6GS

What You Learn

The course is run over 4 weeks, each session is 2 hours long and we will deliver training in evenings and on Saturdays.

Week 1: Getting to Know You • Leaving ‘stuff’ behind • Bereavement/Mourning/Grief.

Week 2: Being True to You • Influences • What’s Your Story

Week 3: Where are You (they) now • The sticking point • Intrinsic and extrinsic forces

Week 4: Reflecting on Your (they’re) life • A carousel of activities/strategies • Celebrating each other

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