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Fear not



Category:   Mental Health

Start on:   TBC

Classes:     1 session

Duration:   2 Hours

Class Size:  25 Persons

Time:          10am - 12noon

Fear can be so debilitating that we stay in work and life situations that we don't want to be in, because we're too frightened to make changes.


Is change what's really getting in the way though, or is that just what you're telling yourself.


Maybe you work with someone who needs to make life changes but they're not doing, because of FEAR. Why not come and join us for this two hour workshop, where we will explore FEAR in more detail, and start to think about what goals can be put in place to live differently.

Location:  TBC

What You Learn

The course is one session, run over 2 hours and includes the following:

What is  Fear? * The Fear affect * Does everyone feel Fear * Good Fear and bad Fear * Flipping Fear on its head * Planning to leave Fear


Email : info@eqiupandbuild.co.uk